My name’s Jordan and I deliver a range of creative, digital and marketing workshops in Kāpiti and Wellington central. I’ve been running my podcasting course through Wellington Community Education Centre (CEC) for two years now.

I love teaching this eight week course because for me, it’s all about helping people to access and use their own voice.

I don’t mean that literally, although of course podcasting is an audio-based format and a great voice is an asset.

I’m not talking tone or timbre as much as I’m talking authenticity and ownership.

Finding a subject that you love and then sharing that passion with the world – that’s the true joy of podcasting to me. Using your voice to share your truth; your values, your creativity, your ideas, your world.

About my podcasting course

My course teaches you how to bring your ideas, and what inspires you, out of your head, and into the format of a podcast episode.  We workshop how to develop a podcast concept, taking into account audience and genre. We workshop how to engage interesting people to become guests on your show. We talk about how to edit, produce, publish and promote – and through this journey I can make you a promise – with each session you’ll get more confident about sharing yourself and your ideas with the world – and finding like-minded people to come on your journey with you.

A new direction in 2021

I’ve been creating podcasts for about three years now, for a few different clients and with a range of production values and technical skill levels. But this year, I’ve decided to up the ante and do a podcast just for me – to give me a way to have conversations with people about some of the things that are most important in my world – creativity, mindfulness and getting things done. During this year’s podcasting course you’ll be able to see me build the podcast from the ground-up. There will even be opportunities to be involved in production planning, interviews and promotional brainstorming if you feel so inclined, to get comfortable and confident with the process.

168 Days of Magic – a preview

This is a podcast for artists and creatives, and focuses on the art of getting a creative project started and finished, or if not finished, then progressed in a satisfying manner! I use the time frame of 6 months – or 168 Days, as the framework for the journey.

To me, I’s not just about the start and the finish of a project, but how life can be lived throughout. We’ll look at some of the rewards and challenges of creative life, talk about art and creative endeavours, and explore the role that wellness plays as we navigate the highs and lows of bringing our ideas to life.

The podcast will accompany my studio programme that kicks of in February 2021. Whether you’re interested in learning about podcasting for fun, or whether you have a specific podcast idea in mind, this year will be a great year to get stuck in – come join me on the journey!