About this Course

If you’ve ever thought about creating your own podcast then this is the course for you! You’ll gain experience in all of the practical skills required to produce your own podcast, such as recording and editing audio, producing and publishing episodes. By the end of this eight week course, you will have produced your very own pilot podcast episode and have a clear idea about how to produce your first podcast series.

By the end of the course, you will have

  • Defined your podcasting purpose; from storytelling to knowledge sharing, entertainment or inspiration
  • Defined your target audience and chosen your podcast niche
  • Researched your competition and found a point of differentiation for your podcast
  • Practiced using a range of different tools, software and equipment used for producing a podcast
  • Identified ideal conditions and environments for recording high quality audio
  • Evaluated how a range of podcast formats are constructed and produced, and choosen the best format for your own podcast
  • Gained experience in creating and record your own audio content
  • Gained experience in creating and recording intro, outros, ads and promos
  • Practised conducting podcasting interviews in person and over Zencastr
  • Developed basic skills in Adobe Audition editing software
  • Develped an understanding of the different hosting alternatives and requirements for your podcast
  • Create a branded tile and description for your podcast to help you market it and have at the ready for when you go to publish
  • Formulated your plan to publish your podcast and share with clients, customers, friends and followers

Module One: Introduction to Podcasting

This class is your introduction to the world of podcasting. We’ll discuss the incredible success of the format, the different types of podcasts out on the market, and what the secret ingredient is for many of the most successful podcasts on the market today. We’ll discuss your own experiences of podcasts, what you love and enjoy – and what you hope to achieve in this course.

Module Two: Conceptualise your Podcast

In this activity you’ll further refine your podcasting goals, whether it be to share your expertise in a particular area, build and inspire a community, or create awareness amongst a target audience for your brand or business. We’ll take our first steps in the art of ‘ideation’, or developing the idea behind your own podcast. We’ll talk themes, genres, formats and how you might bring your own signature style to your podcast.

Module Three: Research, Planning and Branding

What reasons are you going to give for your audience to tune in? In this class you’ll look at where you might sit in the podcasting market, who is already in your space and how you might differentiate yourself from the pack. You’ll put thought into who your listeners will be and how you’ll keep them engaged, interested, and how you’ll build your relationship with them through your podcast. You’ll further your thinking by choosing a name for your podcast and explore the branding elements that will help your podcast stand apart from the crowd.

Module Four: The Ingredients of a Podcast

In this class, we’ll look at the different elements that make up a podcast, from narration, panel discussions and interviews to intros, outros and promotions. We’ll look at additional elements like music and affects that help bring your podcast to life, and you’ll choose the right ingredients to work on for your chosen podcast format, and for your own podcast pilot episode!

 Module Five: Introduction to Audio Recording

In this class you’ll get an overview of the different tools and software used to produce podcasts. You’ll experiment with audio recording and get an introduction to Adobe Audition, the software we will use to produce your pilot episode. You will learn the art of recording high quality audio and you’ll have the chance to record your own intros and outros.

Module Six: Introduction to Audio Editing

In this class you’ll learn how to import your audio files into Adobe Audition and learn the basics of audio editing.

Module Seven: Introduction to Audio Editing – Part 2

In this class, you’ll start to put your podcast together, learning how create a multi-track file in Adobe Audition. You’ll then add your intros, outros, promotions and feature content into a combined audio file that will become your first podcast episode.

 Module Eight: Hosting and Publishing your Podcast

These are your final steps! In this class we will export your audio file into its final MP3 format and prepare it for publishing. You’ll learn about the requirements to host a podcast and how to publish it to a variety of digital channels.