Applications welcome

Has your small business been impacted by Covid? Are you looking for some extra support and encouragement in getting back into the swing of things and ramping up your marketing activity? This is a great opportunity to boost your confidence and digital marketing know-how.

Applications are welcome from individuals who are Wellington based (or happy to come to Wellington) and can make the Saturday June 20 workshop. Please write a few words about yourself, your business, your experience through Covid and what you’re hoping to achieve in this workshop. I’ll select the two individuals who I believe will benefit the most from this course, valued at $90 each. You can find out more about the workshop here.

Email Marketing Workshop

  • Provide a few lines on how this workshop may help you get back on track after Covid-19.

What can email marketing do for you in 2020?

Email marketing in 2020 is a lot of different things.  And depending on what YOUR needs and wants are, it can be a lot of different things for you, too.

Newsletters still work!

Email marketing, at its simplest, might be a way for you to tell people what you’re up to. The trusty email newsletter that could be sent out to a bunch of friends and family members so you can share the latest news about your hobby, creative practice or social and community events. Don’t underestimate the email newsletter! It stands the test in 2020, in terms of being cost effective, and easy to understand how effective it is in achieving your goals. 

 Content marketing helps you connect with new business opportunities and build your authority

Email marketing is also about making new connections. It offers up opportunities to generate business leads through content marketing. This, in a nutshell, is the art of  creating content so interesting, so engaging and so useful,  that people will sign up to hear more from you because you’ve proven your value to them somehow. They want to get to know you!  You’ve earned their trust and demonstrated authority and expertise.  And that can be great if you’re on the hunt for new customers to grow your business or build awareness around your brand.

Market segmentation helps you to cut through the noise of life

It’s a busy world out there. Noisy. Full of chatter, distractions and entertainment options. It isn’t easy to hold people’s attention; and if you’re talking to a broad range of people there’s a good chance that they’ll turn off because the message isn’t targeted directly at them. Email marketing allows you to create specific audiences for specific information. It helps you target your communication to the people who are going to be most interested in what you have to say. It’s a helpful way to bring clarity and purpose to your communications.