About this Workshop

Learn to use the top digital publishing tools, Canva and InDesign, and create your own digital magazine to market your brand or business. This workshop takes you through ever step required to write, create and publish a digital, interactive magazine. You’ll explore the basics of journalism and create your own editorial strategy to ensure that your magazine has your very own voice, style and tone. You’ll create and explore a range of content styles including feature articles, interviews, lists, product showcases and profiles to ensure your magazine grips your readers and achieves your marketing goals.

Workshop Outcomes

  • Define your target audience
  • Define your business and marketing goals for your magazine
  • Create an editorial strategy for your magazine and create a range of content
  • Create a mood board and get inspiration for the look of your magazine
  • Design a masthead and cover for your magazine
  • Use an Adobe InDesign or Canva template to produce an eight page interactive magazine
  • Create interactivity in your magazine to allow you to link to your products, website and social channels
    Publish your magazine as an interactive PDF and share with clients, customers, friends and followers

Workshop Outline

Module One: Defining your audience

This activity helps you think about who your readership should be – and how you can create content that is valuable for them. You will define your broad target market and also consider five sub-groups (or segments) within that market who may enjoy reading your magazine.

Module Two: Creating an editorial strategy and defining your hero content

By the end of this activity, you’ll have articulated what themes you will explore in your magazine, how often you’ll publish and who you might collaborate with to create content, such as friends, colleagues and clients. You’ll chose a theme and define your hero content for your first edition.

 Module Three: Create a Mood Board for your Magazine

 This activity will help you define the visual approach you will take with your magazine. We’ll collect inspiration to help you plan your masthead, cover, imagery and general layout.

Module Four: Creating your magazine: Introduction to InDesign and Canva

By the end of this activity, you’ll have a basic understanding of the difference between Canva and InDesign, and you’ll choose one of these platforms to create your digital magazine in.

 Module Five: Creating your Cover

Now that you’ve collected your source inspiration, we’ll start layout out your magazine. You’ll use one of the magazine templates provided for both InDesign and Canva and create your first cover design and design your magazine masthead (the title of your publication).

Module Six: Laying out your Magazine

In this activity you’ll assign content to each page, including an editorial, contents page, feature interview or profile, product feature and image gallery. This will help you create a dynamic structure for your magazine that readers will love and which showcases your brand or business selling points.

Module Seven: Indesign / Canva: Creating interactivity

In this activity you’ll learn how to use interactivity to create a truly dynamic magazine. Link out to your website and social media channels and embed video and audio content to really engage your audience

 Module Eight: Publishing your magazine

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Saturday 22 May, 2021,  9:30am – 3:30pm

Saturday 21 August, 2021, 9:30am – 3:30pm

Saturday 13 November, 2021, 9:30am – 3:30pm