Wherever you are in your personal and professional journey, creativity classes can nourish you and also offer the possibility of real life change and personal growth.

New Cave Woman Creativity School (NCWCS) offers courses in art, design, marketing, creative thinking and digital production.  Workshops and classes on offer in 2020 can help you get better acquainted with the power of digital media, develop your own personal creative practice for fun, and help you to connect more deeply with your intuition and your spiritual self.

Courses can also help you to find your own unique sense of creative expression; they can challenge you,to find new ways to express yourself and also enable you to grow your professional skill sets in the marketing and digital media space.

So, what are you waiting for? Take your next step. 

About Your Instructor

Jordan Harcourt-Hughes is the founder of New Cave Woman Creativity School and is an author, artist, digital producer and communications professional. Originally from Sydney, Jordan arrived in Wellington in February 2019 and now lives with her husband on the Kapiti Coast.

Jordan’s courses offer a range of opportunities for life-long learners to upskill and to expand their creative abilities, both in their professional and personal lives. Covering marketing, design, creativity and mindfulness, Jordan’s courses invite you to explore elements of wellness, personal evolution, digital savvy and artistic expression.  Jordan currently publishes her own digital magazine, Earthed Interiors. She also produces The Allegorical Life podcast, runs her own art studio and works in the marketing and communications field.

Her qualifications include a Bachelor of Visual Arts and a Diploma of Project Management. Her other interests include hiking, exploring New Zealand, Pilates and reading.

What students say about Jordan’s courses and workshops:

This course exceeded expectations in every way. Jordan is amazing, competent, awesome and really helpful. Group emails are fabulous. Loved the course!
– Jan

This podcasting course was wonderful and the teacher was really smart and prepared.
– Eduardo

Eight weeks was about right, though each session was jam packed, we got through it all. Jordan is a natural teacher. The content is excellent. I will definitely (and already have) promote this course to others. Thoroughly enjoyed this course. Jordan’s teaching is excellent.
– Jane

Really enjoyed the creative way of engaging in exercises and the way Jordan holds the space – relaxed, enthusiastic and engaging.
– Monique