Thinking about learning how to podcast in 2020? Great idea! Whether you want to present yourself to the world in new way, start a conversation about a topic that you care about, or meet new people, podcasting could be just the thing. Here are five reasons why!

  1. Podcasting might be easier than you think.  Got something you want to talk about? Perfect. Then you just need to equip yourself with some basic gear. You might be surprised how fun and accessible podcasting can be. It also doesn’t hurt that, with technology evolving the way it is, podcasting is actually quite cheap to do. Everything you need can be sourced easily in Wellington or online. 
  2. Podcasting is a great way to connect with people. When you host your own podcast, you get to have conversations with interesting people about things that you care about. And you’ll continue to meet folk with similar passions and interests along the way. Podcast is a great way to network, expand your horizons and meet new people.
  3. Podcasting is a great way to showcase your own skills, ideas and passions. Got a knack for something special? Interested in sharing your knowledge and skills? Excellent. Podcasting allows you lots of opportunities to inform, inspire and entertain. You may be interested in creating a professional showcase or a portfolio piece. Alternatively, you may use your podcast as a platform to increase your industry profile. Looking to build your reputation as an expert in your field? You’re in the driver’s seat!
  4. Podcasting is a great way to learn new things. Not all podcast hosts are experts! You could venture out into the world armed with only your recording equipment and a bunch of questions!  Podcasting is great if you want to set out on a quest of any kind. Looking for the answers to a social or community problem? Keen to learn a new skill? Challenging yourself with a self-improvement goal? Awesome! Podcasting creates an opportunity to take an audience with you on the journey and share the knowledge you gain at the same time.
  5. Podcasting can be a good marketing tool for your business, brand or enterprise. Podcasting allows people to get to know you – and those people could be potential clients! Putting yourself out there will help you to build your profile, build trust in your community and grow an audience that can help your business goals. By providing valuable insights and information in your podcast content you’ll enhance your reputation and help cement those business foundations.