2020 Courses and Workshops

Mindful Creativity

Nourish your Heart, Soul and Imagination. 

Connect with your own inner voice by developing a personal creative practice. This is a great foundation course to establish a nourishing creative practice for happiness, wellbeing and fun. This course culminates in the creation of a ‘soul portrait’ to help you capture, and stay connected, to your truest self. 

Create a Digital Magazine

This workshop takes you through ever step required to write, create and publish a digital, interactive magazine. You’ll create your own editorial strategy to ensure that your magazine has your very own voice, style and tone. You’ll create and explore a range of content styles including feature articles, interviews, lists, product showcases and profiles to ensure your magazine grips your readers and achieves your marketing goals.

Podcasting – an Introduction

If you’ve ever thought about creating your own podcast then this is the course for you! You’ll gain experience in all of the practical skills required to produce your own podcast, such as recording and editing audio, producing and publishing episodes.

Build your Artist Brand

This course shows you how to digitise your artwork and create prints, products and designer goodies. This course is great for artists looking to monetise their work and expand their offerings into the areas of designer merchandise, homewares and apparel.

Become an Email Marketing Guru

Have you wanted to start an email newsletter but don’t know where to start? This workshop helps you create written and visual content, explore Mailchimp list building and email distribution tactics and measure the impact of your communications.